Dr. Betty Devine Memorial Fund

Remembering Dr. Betty Devine


Among Dr. Betty Devine’s many superior qualities was her ability to inspire and equip performers to evolve beyond the mechanics of pitch and rhythm to “become the music.” As Houston Choral Society laments the loss of its beloved founder, the organization celebrates the abundant and enduring legacy she leaves behind—not only her personal influence on individuals, but also her noteworthy accomplishments in the field of choral music.

On the very evening of Dr. Devine’s passing, HCS members on tour in Italy were bringing this calling to fruition as they “became the music” in Rome with an especially memorable and heartfelt performance that, we now know, she must have been watching over. A spirit of energy, sense of focused unity, and joie de vivre all combined with the music to echo throughout that sacred space.

By the time she established Houston Choral Society in 1987, Dr. Devine’s far-reaching achievements had covered the education sector, numerous professional accomplishments, and history-making leadership roles in key choral organizations. For a substantial portion of her 52 years on the podium she served as a minister of music, exemplary in both aspects of that role by providing a spirit of nurture and encouragement while insisting on the highest standards and expectations for musical proficiency. HCS is grateful that she spent 28 of those years devoted to creating, growing, and sustaining the nonprofit we love and support.

Thank you, Dr. Devine—we are better musicians, and better people, for having known you.

If you would like to honor Dr. Devine by supporting a group dear to her heart, please consider a charitable donation in support of Houston Choral Society.  

HCS has created a memorial fund to commission new choral works. We invite you to join us in supporting the music she so dearly loved.

Please contact Lane Coco, VP of Financial Development, at (832) 478-6986 or send an email message to [email protected].