Please arrive early and come to the Parlor room in the front of the building (please park in the rear parking lot).  Doors open at 6:30PM.  We will have stations set up for:

  • Attendance sign-in
  • Score sign-out
  • Membership Dues Payment: cash / checks / credit cards
  • Last chance to register for 20191-2020 season
  • CD Purchasing
  • New female member dress / jewelry ordering

Take a minute to meet our new members, and catch up with folks you haven’t seen in a while.  Be in your seat and ready to sing on the downbeat of 7:10PM!


NEW HCS Website!

I hope you like our new look.  Many, many, many thanks to Nicole Elliott (A1 & VP of Marketing) for the fine work she has done for the past several months on making our new website a reality.  We are so very grateful!  Take a look around the site.  We welcome questions and feedback.

New Member Auditions for 2019-2020 Season – Last Chance!


Our next date for auditions of new members for the HCS Full Choir will be held on:
Monday, 8/5/19, 6:00-6:50pm @ FUMC Choir Room
Share with those whom you think would be a good fit for our choir!
Questions?  Email: vp[email protected] and [email protected]

Chamber Choir Auditions for 2019-2020 Season

This group starts fresh at the start of every new season. All existing members re-audition, along with any other active HCS singers wishing to try out.  To see details and select a time slot, access the Sign-Up Genius, where you’ll also choose a Messiah chorus to prepare.  Auditions will be held on: Wednesday, 8/7/19  &  Thursday, 8/8/19


Concert Rehearsal Resources

Please visit Rehearsal Files for assistance with rehearsing your vocal part for the Psalmfest!

Volunteer Opportunities 

Please email [email protected] with any questions about the following open position(s):
  • HCS Volunteer Coordinator – This individual will work with the officers of the Board of Directors to identify the need for volunteers to execute the various programs and initiatives set each year.  With some assistance from the responsible officer, this person will inspire, recruit, manage and report all volunteer activities to the BOD at their monthly meetings.  This is a newly-formed position, and the successful candidate will have great autonomy to develop the breadth and scope of this position.  The position reports directly to President of the Board.
  • CD/Merchandise Sales Manager – This individual will be responsible merchandise and CD/DVD sales, inventory, management of pre-sale orders, and reporting inventory needs to the President at the monthly BOD meetings.  This individual, preferably, would be a non-singer and available at every concert (before and after) to sell HCS merchandise.  This position involves handling cash, check, and credit card transactions, and appropriate accounting for cash collected.   The position reports directly to President of the Board, or his designee.  Multiple persons interested in this position can share responsibilities, as approved by the managing BOD representative.
  • HCS Concert Attire Manager – 🎉Congratulations to Aimeé Marté (A2) for volunteering for this vital position.  Please visit her station Monday evening with any questions you may have.  You can also email at [email protected]

Section Administrators and Directors Contacts

Section Directors – If you have questions regarding your music, please contact your Section Directors.
[email protected] – Katey Barnes (S1), Beth Franklin (S1), Katie Gravesmill (S1) will handle all soprano issues
[email protected] – Emily Gittins (A2) & Lauren Rivera (A1)
[email protected] – Taylor Brewer (T1) & Robert Christian (T2)
[email protected] – George Engelmann & John Rogers will handle all bass issues
Section Administrators- If you are running late or must miss rehearsal, please contact your Section Administrators.
[email protected] – Penny Nelson – call/text: 832-692-7094
[email protected] -Lori Seelhoff – call/text: 321-287-4117
[email protected] – Sean Eary – call/text: 979-204-6818 or Amy Ghanem 713-825-6148
[email protected] – Bob Romero – call/text: 713-248-6030