Dear HCS,
The Board of Directors has been meeting often to plan options for HCS to maintain a presence to our audience during this time of quarantine and social distancing.
One of the exciting projects I want to tell you about is one we are calling the “Virtual Choir Project.”  This project entails individual recordings of choir members singing their vocal part of a piece selected by Dr. Klotz about 2 minutes in length. There are a number fine details that will be communicated later. For now, we look forward to your participation in completing this project for online streaming some time before July 31st.
Another project under consideration is a number of solo recordings by members highlighting the diverse amazing vocal talent from within our very own ranks. Dr. Klotz will be developing this project and selecting soloists appropriate for the piece he has in mind to present. This project will be ongoing as resources permit.
As mentioned, we have a number of outside-the-box options open to us with how we handle rehearsals, concerts and ways to fulfill our mission of bringing great choral masterworks to the Houston Area community. I think it’s safe to say, that with the plans we have, our reach will stretch far beyond Houston!
Please continue to monitor the HCS Facebook page, the Member Dashboard and your inbox as updates become available.
Feel free to reach out directly to Dr. Klotz with any questions or ideas you may have at [email protected].