Chad Searcy, President

Larry Pain,  Senior Vice President

Dr. Kevin Klotz, Artistic Director

Nick Courtney, Treasurer

Amy Ghanem, Secretary (Interim)

Audra Klotz, Vice President of Performance

Nicole Elliott, Vice President of Audience Development

Lane Coco, Vice President of Financial Development

Amy Ghanem, Vice President of Administration

Penny Nelson, Vice President of Community Outreach & Special Projects

Tracy Bradford, Director at large

Gary Kreitz, Director at large

Lucinda Orr, Director at large

John Rogers, Director at large

Dale Samuelsen, Director at large

Charles Thornburg, Director at large


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[email protected] – Chad Searcy

[email protected] – Dr. Kevin Klotz

[email protected] – Larry Pain

[email protected] – Audra Klotz

[email protected] – Amy Ghanem

[email protected] – Nicole Elliott

[email protected] – Lane Coco, Phd

[email protected] – Amy Ghanem (Interim)

[email protected] – Nick Courtney 

[email protected] – Robert Qualley

[email protected] – Dale Samuelsen

[email protected] – Lucinda Orr

[email protected] – Tracy Bradford 

[email protected] – Gary Kreitz 

[email protected] – John Rogers

[email protected] – Charles Thornburg

[email protected] – Nicole Elliott

[email protected] – D Comstock

[email protected] – Katie Green 

[email protected] – Lori Seelhof & Alex Marte

[email protected] – Aimee Marte