SEPT. 23, 2019, 7:00PM AT FOUNDRY UMC  

Are you getting excited 😄?!

Hopefully all of you are bragging to everyone you know – or just met – about this great show coming up.  Please plug it, share it, post it, hype it everywhere!

Here’s an easy link to our ticket sales page:

Message from the Box Office

Don’t wait to buy your tickets!  The Early Bird pricing displayed below will increase by $5 per ticket after September 22, 2019.   Get our best prices by purchasing your tickets early!

Although we have a system for on-site ticket sales as well as non-online sales, buying online is HIGHLY preferred! Each concert will have an “Early Bird” discount where tickets will be the same price as they were last year, but please note prices will be raised by $5 when we are within two weeks of the concert (which includes at the door.) Please encourage family and friends to purchase tickets early!!! And be sure they use your name on the ticket form so you receive “credit” for sales.

Questions can be directed to [email protected]. Thanks in advance for your patience and support as we adjust to the new system!

Thank you – Your HCS Ticket Team

Parking at Rehearsal

For your safety, please feel free to park in the front parking lot.  We are working with Foundry to ensure the back parking lot lights will be on for the evening of our concert.  Thank you for your patience.

Planning Ahead

All registered singers planning to sing in the Christmas concert should email their section administrators this week to let them know your plans for participation in the Christmas concert.  This knowledge is critical to Dr. Klotz and our Music Librarian have as soon as possible.

Volunteer Opportunities 

Please email Mary Kay Buehler (A2) at [email protected] with any questions about the following open position(s):
  • CD/Merchandise Sales Manager – This individual will be responsible merchandise and CD/DVD sales, inventory, management of pre-sale orders, and reporting inventory needs to the President at the monthly BOD meetings.  This individual, preferably, would be a non-singer and available at every concert (before and after) to sell HCS merchandise*.  This position involves handling money, check, and credit card transactions, and appropriate accounting for cash collected.   The position reports directly to President of the Board, or his designee.  Multiple persons interested in this position can share responsibilities, as approved by the managing BOD representative.
    • *Concert Night Sales Post filled by David Seifert, husband of Leslieanne Seifert (A1) – Thank you, David and Leslieanne for stepping up!!

Section Administrators and Directors Contacts

Section Directors – If you have questions regarding your music, please contact your Section Directors.
[email protected] – Katey Barnes (S1), Beth Franklin (S1), Katie Gravesmill (S1) will handle all soprano issues
[email protected] – Emily Gittins (A2) & Lauren Rivera (A1)
[email protected] – Taylor Brewer (T1) & Robert Christian (T2)
[email protected] – George Engelmann & John Rogers will handle all bass issues
Section Administrators- If you are running late or must miss rehearsal, please contact your Section Administrators.
[email protected] – Penny Nelson – call/text: 832-692-7094
[email protected] -Lori Seelhoff – call/text: 321-287-4117
[email protected] – Sean Eary – call/text: 979-204-6818 or Amy Ghanem 713-825-6148
[email protected] – Bob Romero – call/text: 713-248-6030